26 / 02 / 2016


After a great opening night and very good response over the past two weeks, we are now celebrating the final day of the exhibition WEEKENDER #24: Simon Wald-Lasowski: Do Camels Dream of Snow? with music, performance and great food.

Program starts at 16.30:
- Dance Performance of Mezhgan Saleh.
- Live music from Haytham Safia. 
- Food! Couscous,Tagine made by Ruben Bunder.
- Entrance through donation.

Vriend van Bavink's Project Space: Pacific Place, Geldersekade 28, Amsterdam.


This Friday, 16.30u: We Are Public organizes an exclusive Public Insight. Simon Wald-Lasowski will guide you through his exhibition and talk about the process and background of his work.



Simon Wald-Lasowski

Do Camels Dream of Snow?

26 February – 13 March 2016

Weekender presents Do Camels Dream of Snow? a solo exhibition of Simon Wald-Lasowski at

Weekender presents Do Camels Dream of Snow? A solo exhibition of Simon Wald-Lasowski at Vriend van Bavink’s project space: Pacific Place. As a child Simon Wald-Lasowski­ live­­d two years in Mostaganem, a small town in Algeria. In October 2014, he returns to the Maroccan Sahara for a residency with the aim to rediscover North Africa. In the desert, without any form of (digital) distraction, Wald-Lasowski could fully focus on his goal to create new engaged work without losing his playful approach.

In recent years negative connotations about the Arab culture, habits and beliefs have grown stronger in the West. These images are in stark contrast with the warm and playful childhood memories that Wald-Lasowski has of his youth in Algeria. However, ultimately, the stereotypes of North Africa constantly recuring in the media started to influence him negatively and upset him. Motivated by an urge to rediscover the positive energy of this region Wald-Lasowski was hoping to break the negative clichés the Arab culture had acquired in his surroundings by visualising it in a new light.

The question "do camels dream of snow?" is the common thread of the exhibition. The works were created partly by means of field surveys, observations and conversations with locals, and partly by previously sketched ideas. Photographic reproductions of found objects and staged photographs are combined in an associative manner and function as evidence of an ‘imaginary exodus.’

By portraying a fictional group of nomads who long to swap the desert heat for a cold climate the photographer touches upon deeper social issues in a subtle and poetic manner. Is dreaming of another reality not just a universal human condition? Longing for a ‘better life elsewhere’ (ie: warmer or colder living environments) is something all of us can relate to and therefore makes us look at issues surrounding migration in a new and surprising manner.

Yet, the message of these images is ambiguous. Is Simon Wald-Lasowski not romanticizing the desert and it’s population creating a paradoxical desire in the viewer who understands the need to escape the desolation of this harsh environment but who is simultaneously innevitally attracted to it? With this exhibition Simon hopes to contribute to the transformation of the contemporary Orientalist discourse.

Simon Wald-Lasowski (Paris, 1980) graduated in 2004 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He lives and works as a photographer in Amsterdam.

De opening of the exhibition 'Do Camels Dream of Snow?' takes place on Friday 26 February, starting 17.00 h.

This exhibition is made possible by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK).

'Do Camels Dream of Snow?' is on view from 26 February to 13 March 2016 at Pacific Place, de temporary project space of Vriend van Bavink at the Geldersekade 28 in Amsterdam. Open daily from 12.00-18.00 hrs.

The accompanying program of the exhibition with lectures, films, etc. will be announced at the Weekender website:


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