Weekender #22 - Ed Amsterdam

29/05/2015 - 31-05-2015

Weekender Home Sweet Home

In 2012 Ed Amsterdam was created by Bram Spaan Dennis Duijnhouwer Matthijs Diederiks and Ryan Cookson. In 2013 en 2014 Rick Erfmann and Maarten van der Kamp joined the pack.

The idea behind this photography platform was to create an extensive and tangible archive of the city that all photographers live in, each photographer having overlapping but also juxta positional approaches within their practice.

The main reason to shoot film has to do with focus and concentration.  

Todays image culture is omni present. Being a photographer, it is a good practice to get lost in a specific moment. Whether that be quick and spontaneous or observing and gentle. Film helps you get into that moment. At least that’s what Ed Amsterdam thinks.  Besides that the esthetic appreciation towards the medium is impeccable and something in which we often get lost as well.

The new website will serve as a collaborative online publication.

Besides the online presence Ed Amsterdam will focus on bringing forth zines, prints, screen films and host exhibitions.

The Name Ed Amsterdam is a homage to photographer Ed van der Elsken.


'Ed Amsterdam Reception'
29-05-2012 from 17hrs
Weekender Garage
Anjelierstraat 65 - Amsterdam 

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