16/10/2015 - 18/10/2015


A portrait of a city, trough modified landscapes. In his Work Rik van Santen is questioning reality within photography, this by directly painting or drawing on the image. He creates a hierarchy, not only relating to photography, but also to painting and drawing. Because of his choices in size, framing and modifications, the viewer is forced to take a closer look. Being rewarded doing so, a more intimate relation to the work is established.

During his Artist in Residence, at Stichting Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam, Rik developed the idea of this constructed reality further. Making use of techniques ranging from i-phone to ink. Landscapes are born, questioned, framed, reproduced and altered up to a point that the only reality left is the one of the spectator being present with the work. Putting different media together, allowing the different techniques to show there nature, a new set of rules is at place.

After graduating from the Gerrit Rietvel Academie Rik van Santen continued the project developed towards his graduation. As a result Berlin '14 was created. It has been showed at Unseen '14, by Ron Mandos Gallery, but never in its complete form. This will be the first time the complete series is on display. More recent work will also be shown. Working within the realms of landscape, using his own set of media, a peek into future development is given

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