24 / 10 / 2015


Weekender - Brainwash Festival Opening: 19.00 - 1.00 Location: Studio at TOBACCO theatre Amsterdam

For Brainwash Festival, Weekender invited poets and photographers to work together on word and image. This exhibition revolves around the theme of 'imagination' and focuses on the creative process and the collaboration between the different expressions. How does the visual interpretation differs from this linguistic expression? Is the cooperation between the artists visible? The image and text are presented side by side, the poets perform their text on the "soapbox" (zeepkist) and go in discussion with the photographer on the subject of imagination and how this is related to the created works.

The poets and photographers are:
Martijn den Ouden - Simon Wald-Lasowski
Annelein Pompe - Noël Loozen
Caroline Ruijgrok - Abel Minnée
Maarten van der Graaff & Obe Alkema - Jessie Yingying Gong

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