17/05/2013 - 19/05/2013


100% Halal is an Amsterdam based production company and photograpy agency. Or, to put it another way, 100% Halal is a group of creative people who like to tell stories. These stories take on different shapes, but are mostly photographic in nature. From the 17th until the 19th of May they show their most loved ones in De Vondelbunker in Amsterdam. 


Participating artists are:

Johan Kramer 

Nils Gerbens 

Rogier van der Zwaag 

Andreas Pasvantis

Sam de Jong

Henk Loorbach

Sarah Domogala

Benny Vandendriessche

Karen Rosetszky

Jonatahan Leder

Tim Georgeson

Peter Rad

Noël Loozen 

Lard Buurman

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